About me



Attending a mosaic course at Richmond College in 2005 opened my eyes to a new way of being creative and, like Georgia O’Keefe, “I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say in any other way… things I had no words for”. I was hooked.


Working as a special needs teacher for many years, I was used to helping unlock the potential in others; but making the leap from that safe environment to being creative myself was a daunting, yet exciting prospect. Without the encouragement of friends and family it would not have been possible. Setting up a workshop in my garden shed (hence the name Garden Shed Mosaics) meant I had my own creative space at long last – and for a couple of years that became my second home as I beavered away and watched the seasons change in my lovely garden. But life does not stand still, and a move to Moscow, with new challenges and opportunities, presented itself.  I now have a new studio space: not in a shed, but in an attic. New location, but same spirit….and, therefore, same name.


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